Friday, November 12, 2010

Speaking about work : ASMP 10x10x10

On November 10th 2010, I was fortunate enough to be asked by the ASMP Los Angeles Chapter to talk about my work. That night was filled with some amazing artists with work ranging from fine art to commercial and in between. It was an amazing experience and the feed back was generous and honest which I can appreciate.

Speaking for me in front of a large audience has never been a big deal,but this time it was different. This time I was speaking about something very personal to me and at time can be difficult to speak about.

I was happy to see Rodney Pizarro take time out of his busy day to come check me out. It was also a treat to see Ms. Francesca Balaguer and her boy friend as well. Seeing them made me feel alot more comfortable and welcomed as I spoke in front of industry professionals.

I was happy to be introduced to Mr. Dustin Snipes.

He is one of the Top 30 PDN photographers who is very young and has started his career. He is a funny charismatic person that has work to match his personality. He has done amazing things and is continuing to do so. Dustin gives me hope that even though the market is rough, there is still a way to be successful and find clients.

I had the pleasure to listen to Ms. Betsy Winchell

Betsy is a great photographer as well with some interesting documentary work. I enjoyed her study on Muslim's in America and how their identity is assimilated into the current generation and its trends. Betsy also spoke about her work with a drug dealer she has been following around for quite some time which grants her access into his life. Very strong images and I enjoy her style very much. I had a chance to speak with her and she is a nice and welcoming person.

I also wanted to write about Jen Rosenstein.

Jen's work is powerful yet she is very soft spoken. Her work about the south and BP is very strong. She has traveled to Louisiana with Jason Mraz to do something about the issue instead of sit back. Her work is more about the people in Louisiana and them dealing with the spill. There is other work on her website where she investigates gender issues and she provides striking images.

I found great inspiration from Ann Johansson

Ms. Ann Johansson is a documentary photographer. She has traveled around the world and has photographed different cultures and spoke sincerely about her work. Her portraits are very sensitive and elegant in my eyes. She displayed and image of a Palestinian girl during a wedding ceremony that was priceless. She has traveled from Haiti to America Samoa and has created beautiful work.

There were soo many other photographers that spoke. I had the chance to meet Mr. Dennis Keely, the dean of the school of photography from Art Center, Ethan Pine, David Krammer, The head of the Los Angeles ASMP chapter Barry Schwartz, and many others. I would like to thank a big inspiration and supporter of my work Ms. Edie Tobias. With out her help Liz, Yasmin and my self would not have this opportunity.

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