Friday, November 12, 2010

M+B Gallery

Recently I took a trip out to West Hollywood to visit the infamous M+B Gallery. They represent a select group of photographers that have such amazing work such as Alex Prager, Mike Brodie, and Mona Kuhn. They have such a beautiful collection of work for a small space, not that small but small compared to others

Chelbin's work was beautifully printed at a large scale offering prints from a limited edition. I enjoy Chelbin's quality of light yet his images have an uncomfortable quality to it. These photographs are of very young children almost androgynous looking. There is dash of eroticism in this work that I am not a fan of, but I am a fan of how Chelbin composes his subjects. His choice of background adds to the work especially with the color contrasts of the wrestling uniforms.

I was very attracted to this work because I believe it resonates with the work I did in Thailand titled "Nak Muay." Thailand's Muay Thai boxing is dominated by the youth and fighters are some what called "Man boys." due to their physique at such a young age.
Provided are a few images and a walk through video of the current show of Michal Chelbin's work titled "The Black Eye."

M+B Gallery from jeff wonder on Vimeo.

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