Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sports Illustrated Cover Shot with and Iphone

A really cool behind the scenes video of photographer Michael J. LeBrecht II's shoot with The Rock. Interesting lighting set up at the Beverly Hills Hotel. A mix of strobe and continuous light.

I found this out take from a session I had with Kevin up north for a video I did about his rematch with Tetsuya. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize some of the images are cool and unique. Most of the time you see fighters in a pose down or epic knock out shot and times with Kevin he's bleeding. I caught one of Kevin laughing. @dasoulassassin will be fighting this weekend. Good luck! Shot on #film #hasselblad500cm #portrait #bayarea #norcal #kodak #120 #champion #bellator #kickboxing #csa

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2gN7SFi

Cyanotype Printing (Peta PIxel)

Check out this great video combining vintage photographic techniques with a moderns style of negative printing. This has been done many times around and is not anything new. I would like to try this with some of my portraits.



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