Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brazillian Jujitsu

As many may know, I have been practicing Muay Thai for about 4-5 years. I have studied with some of the best that did it including Bryan Dobler, Mel Menor, Caine Gayle, Jongsanan and Ganyao Fairtex. It's been such a big part of my life that i even had my 30th birthday in Thailand at Fairtex Bangplee camp. I spent 3 week of training in Thailand, I felt like it was like learning Futbol in Spain.

With that said, Ive been a stand up type of guy. I enjoy fighting sports like some enjoy playing basketball or baseball. Muay Thai is my thing, it always will be. Im working on a little video/doc about my personal connecting with Muay Thai to place on my website. Over this past year I have been affiliated with some of the biggest Muay Thai Promotions in Southern California and I have recorded some great footage and taken some amazing shots.

I was spoiled in San Francisco, I joined San Francisco Fairtex and had amazing trainers, partners and was able to spar with high caliber fighters. I learned alot to the point where in my sparring class our instructor would coach others on how to beat me. By no means am I a professional fighter, I just like to spar. Even when I get my ass whooped its a humbling learning experience.

As I moved back down to Southern California I tried to find a Muay Thai gym. A big thing for me is the distance. In LA everything is 30-45 mins away depending on traffic. Lately I have been developing kristina's Muay Thai skills and working with my younger family to teach them basics. I am lucky if I could do that twice a week.

I have always been interested in Brazilian Jujitsu. Since the inception of the the UFC, Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) has sprouted everywhere.

BJJ has different styles, some more aggressive, some that emphasize certain techniques, no gi, etc. I have always had a goal to learn BJJ after I felt really comfortable with my Muay Thai skills. There are a few BJJ school with in a 15 mile radius. I enjoy its culture, practices and work out. Im hoping to find a BJJ school that may have Muay Thai classes maybe twice a week to keep my skills sharp.

Here is a Link to the Gracie Jujitsu history

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