Thursday, November 10, 2016

Down Town Los Angeles Donald Trump Rally

Last night I decided to attend the Donald Trump protest that took place in Down Town Los Angeles. I felt as an artist, it was my responsibility to document what is happening in the city I love so much. If I can go to a fight and shoot, or go to a rave and photograph the show, I would be a fool not to document something that affects me in my own back yard. Some people think these people are sore losers and need to accept the new president. I feel that if something is not right fight for it. The majority of these people are young, in the minority, and feel their voice is not heard. Some of these people are LGBQT, straight, white, male, female and angry. 

I did not attend this rally because I support Clinton, and I did not attend this to Bash Donald trump. I attended this to document the voice of my city. I am unhappy with both presidential candidates. My candidate did not have a chance to run in the election.

In retrospect, it was a peaceful gathering of people that are upset with the system. I have seen worse after the Los Angeles Lakers win a championship. Let these people be angry.

Here are a few images from the protest

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