Wednesday, April 27, 2016

CInestill Film developed by The Darkroom.

I have collected Asahi Pentax Takumar Lenses for my Sony A7. Since I have ammased a large collection of Takumar Lenses I decided to purchase a Pentax Spotmatic to add to my collection. 
I have heard a lot about the cinestill film and have backed their 120 kick starter to produce medium format Cinestill film. I decided to try their 35mm rolls. I shot 2 rolls and have been pretty busy photographing product at work. I decided to try out Darkroom and send them my rolls for processing and scanning. They develop, and scan to FTP. I thought that was convenient and save me some time scanning 35mm. 

When I got scans back there were was a 14 roll jam that occurred in their machine. It screwed up my rolls and only a few of them were salvageable. I was lucky these were for testing purposes and not for any major projects. They refunded me my money.  


Here are some examples of the cinestill shots that came out

I have one more roll left that I will try to use this weekend and see what the actual color of the film looks like. I can not judge from these frames due to the error of the lab. 

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