Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inside the Fight: Message from the Creator


I wanted to thank everyone that has viewed and shared the series. The first real inside the fight started with Artem Sharoshkin. I wanted to help out some friends in San Diego and experiment with producing and directing. It was a great learning experience.

Before the M-One Grand fight, I was approached by my friend David Huerta on behalf of the Muay Thai Association of America to see if I could do short videos on the American Fighters. After conversation after conversation, we started shooting with Romie Adanza and it was after filming Kevin Ross in Las Vegas was when David and I coined the term "Inside The Fight."

The first three Inside The fights did pretty well. I did not know what I was really creating when I produced these documentaries. What I realized was that the Fight Card by M-One Grand and MTAA and these short documentaries created an awareness of Thai Boxing in America. These videos helped promote the fighters in ways that was not possible years ago. These fighters sold them selves with their style of Thai Boxing, personality, and over all charisma. The script was plain and simple. I formed questions that I felt that not only fighters, but fans and newbies would want to know.

After putting out the third episode of Joe Schilling there was such a positive and overwhelming response. There is  a want for more of these documentaries. After polling the community for a full length series, it was obvious what I needed to do. I kept shooting and was fortunate enough to have exclusive access to the fighters from Thailand.  The format was the same and I am grateful that Prakaithip Malakul invited me over to her home and translated things the best she could.

Releasing this mini series has definitely raised awareness of American Thai Boxers. Other fighters from all over the world have shared this video and have shown support to this movement we are creating. The blogs that supported me such as Muay Thai is Life, MyMuayThai, Total Muay Thai, Liver Kick, Muay Thai Preservation Project and Muay Thaimes Magazine have been a tremendous help. I am grateful for their support and encouragement. All the other photographers, artists, magazines, gyms, fighters, coaches, Paulo Tocha, Thakoon Pongsupha and the Sasiprapa Gym, Marc and Mike Ramos, my editors: Mat Conners, Josh Awad, Ethan Hess, a big thank you. The biggest thank you goes to the community! It is because of community these videos have reach thousands of views.

In order for Thai Boxing to grow in the United States, the fans have to support it. I think Thai Boxing has an equivalence to music. We must support the movement or there will not be a movement to support. Share Thai Boxing with your friends and people that have no idea what Thai Boxing is. It is our responsibility to promote the sport if we want to see it grow.

Check out Episode Three


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