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SUSPEND Magazine
is a new online magazine created by talented young people that show cases art, photography, poetry and music. SUSPEND isn't following trends but setting their own by the content that is included in the magazine, website and blog.

I got involved with SUSPEND through a wonderful young woman who was my co-worker and turned into a friend named Diane Abapo. When we met we happened to click and discover we have a like mind when it comes to art but specifically photography. People with good hearts go along way with me and she has proven on numerous occasions that she is a good person.

After weeks of working together Diane, (D) mentioned that her and a friend, Lovelin (Graphic Designer/Musician) have been putting this magazine together in hopes to provide their audience a breath of fresh air. At first I did not know what the magazine was going to be about and what the content was but after seeing Diane's passion for this work and the long hours she put into this magazine with the rest of her team I knew that I wanted to be apart of this in one way or another.

"People with good hearts go along way with me and she has proven on numerous occasions that she is a good person."

To make a long story short, Diane became a good friend and we got to know each other out side of work. We would share our art with each other while trying to hustle at a busy job place. I showed her my photograph of "The Lovers," which was recently apart of Aline Smithson's online exhibition "Love" for Lenscratch Magazine, and she really enjoyed it. I was asked to contribute that photograph along with a few other images with a write up about my ideas of love. 

I am honored to be apart of the first issue. The SUSPEND team is a great group of young people that have a passion for what they do and need support to help this idea grow. Support them, go to their shows, look at their website and blog (check out Sally Baxter's work). Be sure to click on the image of the magazine to view the whole thing. I am grateful that they opened up the issue with my work and humbled by the opportunity to help them. 

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