Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Debra McClinton

Debra McClinton
Deborah McClinton was a San Francisco based photographer who died prematurely at the age of 39.

I discovered her work recently through a blog I subscribe to and I saw a photograph that I was attracted to. I specifically enjoy her use of natural light, and when she uses strobes it looks very natural. I enjoy photographers that know how to manipulate natural light, it is more of an observation that a science, although there is some science involved. Photographers like McClinton prove that beautiful photographs do not need to be over produced, but the eye of the photographer is more important that the type of camera you use, or how much your equipment costs. 

"Some times success isn't enought to keep you going.."
After reading more about Debra, I discovered that she committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in November of 2007. Debra has shot for famous clients including Wired, Bridal Magazine, and Regional Review to name a few. It proves that sometimes success isn't enough to keep you going.  Never the less her work is beautiful and is celebrated world wide. I suggest to check out some of her work on her website. 

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