Monday, January 16, 2012

FUJI FP100c Negatives


So I bought a pack of Fuji FP100c and decided to take a weekend to shoot random things.  The out come of the negs were so so.  The bleach does something cool to the negs after the ink washes away.  There is a muted quality to the neg and it's vibrancy is reduced.  When using the bleach product on the neg, one has to be careful on the amount product used.  I suggest to have water running on the neg as you use a brush to remove the ink. That way it doesn't seep in to emulsion. Take you time and you can get some really decent images.

This is a portrait of Mat I took with the sun behind him.  The original Fuji pic had a deep blue sky like the picture of the basket ball hoop above.   I enjoy the sloppy edges of the neg and the shift of colors.  These negs aren't intended to be tac sharp and high quality.  I used a Land Camera 104 for these images so sharpness was never an issue.  I knew this would be soft in the first place.   There is a painterly quality to these negs. 

This is a portrait of a tattoo artist/car enthusiast named Tommy that has a shop outside of my work. He was outside smoking a cigarette and asked if I could take his picture. Even though the neg was damaged, I like it a lot.  It reminds me of how wet plates turn out if the emulsion is not coated evenly.  I like this portrait a lot. The purple hues on the edges make it very special
This portrait of Kristina is very retro looking. I enjoy it a lot. There is a 1970s feeling to it. This is probably one of the best negative I reclaimed from the batch. I believe I can do a better job next time with taking my time and using a diluted solution.

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