Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romie Adanza: Inside The Fight

On Oct 21st, 2011 Romie Adanza, Filipino American Muay Thai Fighter is set to face one of the toughest fights of his career against Thailand's own Langsuanlek Sasiprapa at 115lbs. I had the opportunity to meet with Romie and have him speak about Muay Thai and his fight on the M-One promotions card. Having the time to sit with Romie was educational and I am very fortunate to have gotten to know Romie on that level.

I was approached by the Muay Thai Association of America because of my prior work in the Muay Thai Community. I wanted to create something for the fans of the sport, a way for these fans to connect to these fighters on a personal level and understand how important it is to support the scene and the fighters at make it. I didnt want it to be over produced, I wanted it to be clean and organic because I feel like the glitz and glamour of things would take away from whats most important thing; the fighter and the fight itself.

For me, its not about the promotion throwing the event, Im doing it for the sport, and for my art. I want to raise the bar as an artist, and I want to help promote the sport the best I can. Its not about a website, its not about a specific organization or blog or how many hits its going to get.  Its time for us as fans, promotors, fighters to do the best we can to bring Muay Thai together as a collective and support it. If we do not support it, then all these great cards that have been happening in the past year will not happen anymore.

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