Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LAUNCH 2011 pictures from Room 'N'

LAUNCH 2011 was an amazing time. Once i stepped out of the car I canvased the area and met with my good friend Alison Kranz. She showed me the room that I was given. It was about 10X10'room that was painted yellow. My prints were already up and I decided to bring my portfolio and my "Romance" book for extra work to show. Back when I would shoot Alison, I would always test with my Hasselblad with a Polaroid back and through out the years of collaboration, I have built quite a collection. I never noticed that Alison kept them and she gave me the stack to display. We decided to get something to eat because Mike, Leo and I had a long previous night in San Francisco checking out King Britt, Natural Self and Jeremy Sole. During breakfast, we caught up and spoke about how skinny she has gotten but reassures me that she was naturally that thin.

After breakfast Alison told me that she had to get ready for the fashion show and I asked her if I could tag along and meet the models and designers. After meeting the models at the Van Der Neer preparation house, I decided I wanted to have give-aways for those that liked my work and stopped by and talked to me. Mike and Leo thought of making mimosas for the guests. We were not allowed to have alcohol in our rooms but there was a " Dont ask Dont tell" policy so we went to the local liquor store and bought 3 bottles of champagne, some vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Once the show started I ran out of cards within 2 hours. Mike and Leo went on 2 different liquor store runs which totaled about 7 bottles of champagne and a grip of ice because the small fridge in our room was not working. I was impressed by the turn out and the amount of artists that stopped by. It was refreshing, being able to show work and not really stress about things except enjoying the night and having quality conversations about art.

As the sunset, people were returning and new people were still barely coming in to check out the event. Leo and Mike became my bartenders/reps and introduced my work to people willing to listen. I have met some great people, and enjoyed the night. To top it off, I sold a print to someone that really wanted it and that always feels good.

Enough of my babbling.. here are some pics.

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