Saturday, June 18, 2011

East Coast Visit

My trip to the east coast was refreshing. I miss living in a city that has great mass transportation. There is something about walking around and bumping into people. Yea its crowded, but you can travel all over the city with ease as long as you plan ahead of time. I think that's why I really love San Francisco. Washington DC is cool, small but really patriotic. It's a nice place to visit.

New york was cool, I was thankful that the weekend I was there, the weather wasnt too humid and hot. People were young in Williamsburg, early 20s to mid to late 30s. The city is alive for younger people at the beginning to mid career parts of their lives.

New York city was on another level. Alot of business professionals I was fortunate enough to stay with a friend Stephen Higgins at his Chelsea apartment with an amazing view and location. He welcomed me with open arms and it was a great two days talking about business, art and catching up on life. It has been 3 years since I was in contact with him and there was alot to talk about. We talked about our careers as artists and our evolution to where we are currently. It was enriching to spend time with other artists I was introduced to by Stephen. It was something I needed. I received great feed back about my work and collaboration are in the works.

New York is a beautiful place to be as an artist. Its expensive, different from the west coast, but I have a fondness to it. It keeps calling me every year one way or another, either for business, pleasure, or both. It is something I keep considering and will find my self in New York one day when my career takes me there.

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