Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen Exhibit NYC Metro

During the last day of my East Coast trip, my friend Stephen and I went to go to the Metro Museum of Art in New York to check out the Alexander Mcqueen Exhibition. I enjoyed it very much. Mcqueen's work was displayed well with a personal sound track and interesting holograms and short movies.

It was apparent through out the exhibit that Mcqueens work is influenced by dark ideas and sadomasochist themes. What I found interesting were the videos of his well produced fashion shows with high concept.

One collection in the exhibition was called "Romantic Nationalism," where the influence to this collection was his personal heritage.

The rest of the exhibit was great! There was an area that had motion pieces that attracted large crowds. There was one in particular in the "Romantic Exoticism," that contained a Joel Peter Witken influenced video, Amazing to say the least.

Witken's Sanatorium.

Check out Mcqueen's Video here

Here are the rest of the images.. that i wasnt supposed to take but did it any way.. =)

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