Monday, May 23, 2011

Sugar Cane Coke Chunhawat

The first WMC event I documented in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to watch Sugar Cane Coke Chunhawat fight. If you havent seen him fight, The august show by Stand Up Promotions will be a card to watch. I was in San Francisco on some personal business and I decided to book some photo shoots while I was up here to mix some business with pleasure.
Originally from Thailand, Coke started Muay Thai at a young age and was trained by the Legendary Jongsanan Fairtex in Bangkok. Notably he has fought Buakaw, and from my information he was a stadium fighter. Jongsanan lobbied for Coke and Neungsiam to come to the USA to train and fight. Coke now is a trainer at Pacific Ring, and still trains at Fairtex with Jongsanan.
Coke is an all around nice and at time shy guy. He has a smile all the time and is soft spoken. When seeing him train with Jongsanan you can see the relationship they have as a trainer and fighter.
Check out some photos of coke and a short video of some clinch work.

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