Monday, May 30, 2011

An Absence from the Blog

My apologies. I have been pretty busy with life and showing work recently. I have been kept busy with photography and art by shooting the painter Justin Bua in Los Angeles. I had to prep for a group photography show at the Thumbprint Gallery that was a great success! I traveled to San Francisco for a week because my cousin Mike graduated and I got to hang out with a few friends which turned out to be a Muay Thai week talking about politics over alcohol and expensive thai food. It was cool to train at Fairtex again and hang out with my old trainers and meet up with other Muay Thai enthusiasts as well. I had a great time shooting Coke Chunhawatt and documenting the street festival as well.
I came back to Los Angeles and photographed the World Champion Kickboxing event in Pala. Now I am prepping for a trip to visit NYC and Washington DC for some business and pleasure as well. after that I have to prep for July because I have the honor to show my work at the Launch 2011 Festival!

Its going to be really dope! So all the bay area friends and the friends in So Cali that want to hang out, you should come through!!

Here is a link to the other artists

There will be fashion, art, music, architecture with the headliner being Neon Indian.

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