Monday, April 25, 2011

Open Mike Eagle Photoshoot.

Some of you may have remembered that I documented a hip hop show called the "Fake Four Fest," a couple of months ago. That is where I met Open Mike Eagle, a Project Blowdian via way of Chicago. He and I were able to link up this past week and chop it up and take some photos at a wonderful house in Highland Park.

During the shoot, I got to know Mike a little better. He will be releasing a new album called "Rappers will die of natural causes," soon. Being a well educated man with a degree in psychology, I'm sure his work will be dynamic as his last releases. This founding member of Thirsty Fish and Swim Team will have your attention really soon. But for now, here is one of the blowdian's tracks that I enjoy the most.

Cheer, support indie art!

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