Sunday, April 17, 2011

East Los Angeles Community Center

Last week I met up with my good friend David Huerta at the East Los Angeles Community center to snap a few pics. I have shot David here before for Muay Thaimes Magazine, but this time I came earlier and there were lots of people working out. The place has tons of boxing history. Some of the greatest hispanics trainers and fighters have roots in this youth center located in East Los Angeles. To those that are not familiar to California, East Los Angeles has its good and bad parts but is more notorious for the early 80's gang life.

It is nice to know that the Del La Hoya boxing team trains out there and there are alot of promising young people who have over 40 plus amateur fights that work out here. Being here is inspiring and I plan to revisit this place to create a full body of work. For now, here are a few images.

David Huerta @ East Los Angeles Youth Center from jeff dojillo photography on Vimeo.

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