Sunday, March 13, 2011

Impossible Project Silver Shade PX100 and PX600 Test

I have been blogging about polaroid stuff for a while and I decided to fix my SX70 and take some photos. When reading about the PX Silver Shade stuff I understand the the chemistry is new and the film is very sensitive to light when its developing.

Impossible Project set me a box of PX100 Silver Shade with the quickness and I was surprised with the service. Impossible Project also is going green by offering a return envelop for the batteries which I thought was quite interesting. The following are the products of the PX100 Silver shade with window light, warm modeling light from my Norman pack and a black background.

A long time Muse of mine miss Annie Lou, painter extraordinaire, gave me some of her precious time to take some portraits of her.

Before a photoshoot, my assistant was at Samy's camera in Los Angeles and knew that they carried stock of the SilverShade but did not know what speed it was. I asked him to pick up a pack for me and I would deal with it like I used to when I shot Polaroid 600. When I received the pack is was PX600. I understood with my previous experience with Polaroid 600 film, I would need a neutral density filter if I was going to use my SX70. While i was thinking about neutral density filters, I was also thinking about the film and its chemistry. I understood that it was black and white film, so I decided to create a red filter. If you all understand the old school ways of shooting black and white negative film, you will remember how red and blue filters work with photography, and how many stops each filter will cut. ergo, I went with red and these are my results.

My Beautiful mother during an overcast day

Her: Window light

Johnny Rockets: Window Light

Spirit Graphics: leonardo medina, Mike Herana & Thomas Ackerman- Available natural light

Her: Computer light at night

Her Brother Moon: Available light at night.


I enjoy the Px Silver Shade, but I think I like the px600 with the red filter more. The skin tones are alot more creamy and almost blow out white. Since it is a high speed film you are able to shoot with a faster shutter speed which is nice. Both sets of film are very soft, but it could be my camera. I want to experiment with blue filters as well to see how much it will darken skin.
Next step is the Px Colorshade

Some one sponsor your boy over here!!

With Love
The Polaroid Terrorist

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