Friday, February 4, 2011

Conversations about the digital age.

The $3000.00 point and shoot

During Open Show La, I had a great conversation with one of the presenters David Uzzardi. We were talking about school and how our experiences related. We were going off tangents and we ended up discussing the film vs digital debate. During his presentation. he spoke about using more digital cameras in his work, but he said that he would be shooting the same things, in the same style.
As our conversation progressed, we chatted about the future generations of photographers. He said, our generation (those that came from a film background), can compose, execute, light, and do everything in camera within 36 to 12 frames depending on which format you shoot. Now a days people purchase what I like to call, "$3000.00 point and shoots."
I can not express how often I see amateurs purchasing expensive cameras thinking that will make the picture better. I dont know how many times I say this, its not the damn camera, its the user.

Krapy Camera
A prime example of this is the Holga. A good friend of mine note amorntananuban

Note creates beautiful images with plastic "krapy" camera, that probably cost her 15 bucks if you know where to buy one, not urban outfitters yall. On these wonderful cameras, the viewfinder does not even correspond to lens. Lomography is awesome!, I learned using toy cameras. If you dont know what lomography is i suggest you google it.

I love digital photography, its photography really. My personal choice is film when it comes down to it. I shoot with my 5DM2 alot as well, but there is something more fulfilling when you get rolls back and there are images on the roll that are breath taking, just the way you wanted it to look. When you use film, you develop relationships with your processor, developer, printer, and its rewarding. There are amazing photographers that use digital stuff, just look around. At this day and age it is more rare to find analog shooters.

"We're not animators, we're photographers. The fantasy should not be a computer game." -Nigel Barker


Rick said...

Nice article Jeff! Hope you are getting out with your Holga these days :-)

Cheers, Rick @ HolgaDirect

Noto said...

I love your article Jeff ;D
Thanks for showing my example pic ;D love it !!!


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