Monday, February 7, 2011

Barbara Cole: Painted Series

While reading some blogs, I discovered the beautiful works of Barbara Cole. Her Polaroid manipulations are really nice. Her Freud influenced work really pushes Polaroid manipulations in a controlled manner. The painterly aspects of her instant images are quite wonderful with a sense of romanticism, just how I like it. Check out her body of work here.

"It seemed to cross the line between painting and photography. I began to re-examine my approach to figurative portraiture. A friend at Polaroid had given me an SX-70 camera some years earlier. Having seen Freud's painting, I re-considered its possibilities. After some exploration, I found someone who was able to adapt the SX-70 camera to work with my studio lighting and techniques. Then, I carefully manipulated the surface image to add dimension and introduce a painterly quality I loved. Alas, Polaroid – the company, the film, the cameras are out of business. I'm so grateful I was able to experience the Polaroid magic it when I could! " - Barbara Cole

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