Monday, January 31, 2011


In 2009, I had the amazing opportunity to work with the Young Photographers Alliance in Los Angeles. During that time, I got in contact with Aids Project Los Angeles (APA), but due to time constraints, I was not able to work with them. During the end of 2009, APLA reached out to me and wanted to know I was willing to help them out with some photography.
I believe in Karma, I believe karma is real. Good and bad karma exists and through my life, I try to walk on the side of good karma and patiently wait for good karma to come back in return. With that said, I agreed to do some charity work for APLA.
APLA is a Non Profit Organization, that was a victim of the recession. The Governor cut funding to non profits, and non profits like APLA have to find other avenues of funding. You can check out the amazing services APLA provides by visiting their website.
During this two day photo shoot, I decided to create portraits of the people that would come through and donate their time. I wanted it to be very natural so I used window light and reflectors for this project. I wanted to show viewers that these people are from all walks of life and the sincerity is in their eyes. Each participant was eager to sit for me and was easy to work with. I had the chance to meet each person and listen to their interesting stories. I learned very much from this experience.
I wish APLA the best of luck and thank them for a wonderful opportunity. Please visit my website for more of the portraits of APLA.


alison said...

jeffrey, these are amazing. i love what you captured in their eyes and face.

Ryan said...

Fantastic work, Jeff! This images reminds me of one from Richard Avedon's "American West" series.

Jeff Dojillo said...



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