Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JDP Highlights of 2010

Greetings everyone that reads my blog! I wanted to do a lil recap of what has happened to me this year.

1. The year started off with earning "Top 5 Best in Show," at Rogue Space|Chelsea. It was great honor and I had a great time visiting New York.

According to their curator, the photography show was one of the best shows they had. There was a great amount of attendees and the quality of work was amazing.

2. The Young Photographers Association

Through Jill Waterman from PDN, I was given the opportunity to be apart of a great group of people from the YPA. I had the pleasure to work along side Edie Tobias, Yazmin Ashilav, and Liz Bar. They felt like family and a source for inspiration. I was able to photograph, Rainbow Services, a domestic violence shelter. This work, I believe, will be on display at the Calumet Gallery in New York in January of 2011.

3. The International Photography Awards.

This year, out of the blue I decided to enter the International Photography Awards. Ran by a friend, Cat Jimenez, I was inspired to atleast try. To my amazement, I received the humbling honor of Honorable Mention in the categories; Deeper Perspective and Portraiture. I feel very blessed this happen considering I was fresh out of school, and it was the first time I started to promote my work.

4. Fotovisura Issue 11

With the success of the International Photography Awards, I wanted to keep the iron hot and strike. I was looking for grants to do more work as a fine artist and I entered my work in Fotovisura. An amazing and kind person, Adriana Teresa, saw my work and wanted to promote it and give it a chance to shine. I was then spotlighted and was featured in their amazing online publication Visura Magazine. I gained alot of exposure from Fotovisura and I am grateful. I had emails and website visits that broke my monthly stats. Fotovisura continues to provide inspiration to me.

5. ASMP Los Angeles 10x10x10

Through the Young Photographers Alliance and Edie Tobias, I was able to speak about my work with Los Angeles' photographic industry. This was an amazing experience to be on stage with talented photographers at all levels of the industry. There were people in school, just graduated, early career and mid career photographers. I felt very humble next to some of PDN's top 30.

6. Sanchai Sor. Kingstar vs Tetsuya Yamoto
This was an amazing thing to see Thailand's best pound for pound fighter in California. Thanks to Muay Thai Association of America and their dedication to the sport. They have been consistent and allow me to document their fights.

7. Receiving my MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

This past may in 2010, I graduated and received my MFA. I have meet some amazing artists and I have life long friends. I was given the ability to assist and intern with Michael Grecco and Work closely with Ms. Mona Kuhn. That has been quite an experience and I have grown so much as an artist.

8. NSUBORDINATE Magazine: The Closing of FATBEATS Los Angeles and the RRS Feed.

I was approached by Justin Olaguer of NSUBORDINATE Magazine to do a spread for the next issue of the magazine. At that time, FATBEATS LA was closing and I wanted to document that. It was an amazing event. I saw some of Los Angeles' greats!

The RRS feed photoshoot was tons of fun! I've known Dj Raichous before she was DJ Raichous from my San Diego State Days when I was doing that hip hop thing. She has matured into a lovely young lady and has formed a group with two other talented female Djs Roza and Shred one. I wanted to shoot them at FATBEATS because it was closing. This led to the documentation of FATBEATS.

9. Muay Thaimes Magazine

When I hooked up with Bob, he was very energetic about my work and understood that I brought the quality of photography to a higher standard. My first piece for Muay Thaimes was an article I did about David Huerta and his life in East Los Angeles. That was a great experience. David and I had alot in common and the photographs were great.
Through working with Muay Thaimes Magazine, I have gotten to know fighters, trainers and I have been apart of a culture I have a deep respect for.

10. Annie Lou Who?

My friend Annie has been a painter for quite some time now. She wanted to get her business up and I wanted to help. I took photographs of her for her cards and website. I was just a fun time and it ALWAYS feels good to help people. In return she painted a beautiful painting of my mom. She knows I have a thing for retro and it was a picture of my mom in the 60s. I thought that was a cool trade for work.

These were a few of the things that happened to me this year that stuck out in my mind. Many more to come in 2011, APLA, Muay Thai projects, and more more more. Thank you to all the folks that supported me and my passions! I love you all, have a blessed 2011.


alison said...

such a wonderful, full year for you. i can't wait to see what 2011 has in store! <3

Jeff Dojillo said...

I know. Im working on it!


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