Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pier 24 Exhibition in San Francisco

While at the ASMP 10x10x01, Mr Denis Keely and I spoke about the Pier 24 exhibition and recommended that I check it out while I was in the bay for the Word Photo Festival. That same night while at dinner with Liz and Yasmin, I received an email from my dear friend Alison Kranz. Alison told me a mutual friend was interning and curating the exhibition. Im going to check it out. For more information about the exhibit you can click here.

According to the website "Pier 24 is a contemporary photography space housing the permanent collection of The Pilara Foundation. In addition to hosting rotating exhibitions, the warehouse is focused on addressing and adapting to the constantly evolving concerns of the photographic community. Born out of the desire to reinvent the ways in which photography and photographic ideas are presented, Pier 24 is a distinctive environment where art has the freedom to be seen and thought about differently. Work is not only exhibited but serves as a catalyst to advance the creation, scholarship and understanding of the medium."

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