Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bright Bright Day

The beauty of Polaroid, sigh.. nothing like it. During the age of digital technology, we have applications and filters on your phones and image editing software to recreate analog photography. I believe there is a fine art to creating well executed Polaroid pictures.
Today I have been researching and have stumbled across the Tarkovsky Portfolio. His work is very refined and elegant considering it is instant film. Portfolio of 25 Tarkovsky Polaroids. Printed in Florence, Italy 2007. Edition of 10 + 3 A/P. Lambdas printed on 40x50 paper with Polaroids 30 cm large.

Annette Pehrsson

Ms Annette Pehrsson is an amazing artist. Her work is very intimate and her style is something I admire. There is a nostalgia to her work and places an emotion in her work that many people can identify with. She is top 30 women under 30 and is exhibiting her work. Check her out.

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