Monday, June 14, 2010

AGFA Color Ultra 50, or, When Outdated Film is Still OK to Use

[Photo using AGFA Color Ultra 50 film
from Ben Conservato on Flickr]

At this past weekend's Bargain Camera Show in Pasadena, Jeff was able to get his hands upon some expired AGFA Color Ultra 50 film. Though the company continues to produce other sorts of analog film, this particular make has been discontinued for several years. Known for its high saturation and vibrant colors, it produces striking, vivid images.

Although some may balk at the use of something past its sell-by date (e.g. curdled milk), the expiration date of film tells only of the possibility of fluctuation. The changes upon the expiration date are neither immediate nor debilitating. Instead, it means the effects on the image can no longer be precisely predicted--which adds an additional element of surprise to the revealing of a roll of film's contents.

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