Tuesday, March 23, 2010

APPLE - MBP Problems.

I just wanted to share my opinions about the new Mac book Pro. I ordered a Mac Book Pro (MBP) at the end of february. I had it custom configured and had it ordered online. Once I received it I was extremely please with its performance and its quality build. After a week of having it, I was working on my laptop doing routine things and my Safari crashed on me. I had to manually power down. once I restarted the computer, I got the white screen of death. The following day, I took my MBP to the genius bar and they tested it. They told me it was a faulty hard drive.
I had a photo shoot to do that week and luckily i did not sell my Old Powerbook. They replaced the computer free of charge and even paid for shipping. I received the new MBP with in a week.
I opened up the new MBP and after 4 days, the same thing happened. I called Apple care at 6am and had to deal with customer service and their protocol. Once I was transferred to a manager, I worked out the problem, they were nice enough to upgrade my computer's harddrive and send me one Next Day Air.

Hopefully this one wont bite the dust.

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