Sunday, January 31, 2010

Music for the sake of doing music ....

Long before I ever picked up a camera, my heart was invested into music and the culture of hip hop. I was influenced by the golden age of hip hop which is considered the early 90s. I was influenced by my elder sister June who is about seven years my senior. When she was in high school she was involved in alot of the dance culture young filipinos in the 1980s identified with. I was introduced to hip hop at a very young age and its culture of the 4 elements.
The 4 elements of hip hop is considered to be emceeing, dejaying, graffiti, and b-boying. I started writing rhymes in high school with a friend that would pass a note book back and forth. When I graduated high school, I ventured in to Los Angeles where the hip hop culture was breathing and awake and revitalizing as well. It was a culture I could relate to and the music was enchanting.
Being apart of the culture, I met other hip hop heads that were into the music aspect of hip hop. I met a man named clinton, also known as the "President." He showed me how to use a drum machine and I fell in love.
As the years went by I ended up investing alot of time and money in to music and I purchased an MPC which was hip hop's standard tool of music production. I did music for the sake of doing music since 1999. I have been nominated for various awards, pressed vinyl records sent to JAPAN all independently.
Moving back to Los Angeles, will bring me back to my roots in a sense. I am excited to share what musical adventures and photographic adventures I will be apart of.

Honorable mention to:

Emcee Rodney Pizarro esq.
Dj Norm Rocwell
Dj Eyeronik
Emcee Sin Vicious
Emcee Bodhen
Emcee J-Natural
DJ Mr. Mention
Dj Artistic


raichous said...

Arthur Verocai! Bis is my joint.

brock paddington said...

welcome home! i fell in love with music all over again, over the weekend. coincidences...

Noto said...

Woww! that is your drum machine ?
wanna listen your music ;D


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